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Dhaka To Kolkata: Bus, Train, Air (Ticket Price And Guide)

Kolkata is one of the attractions for Bangladeshi people. Besides, if you want to travel to different places in India, you have to go through Kolkata. Many have to go to Calcutta for treatment. After getting an Indian visa, you can go to Kolkata from Dhaka by different routes. However, everyone is more or less hesitant about how and at what cost or which route to go to Kolkata from Dhaka Bangladesh at low cost or easily. And for that purpose, different ways to go to Kolkata today are highlighted for everyone.

Dhaka to Kolkata (By Air)

In the shortest time from Bangladesh to Kolkata, you have to go by plane to get there easily and comfortably. Various flights depart daily from Dhaka’s Shahjalal Airport to Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport. Bangladesh Biman, Indigo, SpiceJet, Air India, and NovoAir are notable for flying to Kolkata.

Dhaka to Kolkata Fares: Air India and SpiceJet flights from Bangladesh to Kolkata at a low cost. Air tickets cost between Rs 4,500 and Rs 7,800 depending on the airline. It takes about 1 hour to fly from Dhaka to Kolkata.

Dhaka to Kolkata (By Train)

A joint venture between Bangladesh and India will be able to travel directly to Kolkata by Maitri Express train. The Maitri Express leaves Dhaka Cantonment Station for Kolkata on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday at 8.15 am. This train passes through the Darshana border and goes to Chitpur station in Kolkata. It takes about 9-13 hours to travel from Dhaka to Kolkata. The fare for AC seats including travel tax is Rs. 3,400 per person and Rs. 2,500 per person for AC chairs. However, the rent for children below 5 years is half.

Besides, you can take the Benapole Express train from Dhaka to Benapole and from there you can go to Kolkata separately. The Bandhan Express train leaves Khulna for Kolkata. In this case, Bandhan Express travels on the Kolkata-Dumdum-Bangaon-Petropol-Benapole-Jhikargachha-Jessore-Khulna route. The Bandhan Express left Khulna at half past noon and reached Kolkata between 7-8 pm. Bondan Express train tickets are available at the Khulna station counter.

When does the train leave Dhaka?

Departs from Dhaka at 8:10 am. Departs from Dhaka Cantonment Station. And you have to buy a ticket at Kamalapur railway station. Kolkata train tickets are not sold anywhere else.

Can I buy a train return ticket?

Yes you can, but you can buy Kolkata to Dhaka train ticket from Kamalapur railway station, but you can pay a 20% ticket from Dhaka if you are lucky you will get it or not. The remaining 80% of tickets are paid from the Kolkata counter.

How many kg can you take?

An adult can carry up to 30 kg for free which means he can carry up to 30 kg in luggage and in the case of children up to 20 kg can carry up to 20 kg for a child.

What is the charge for overweight (30 kg)?

If 31 kg to 50 kg, you have to pay an extra fee of 2 per kg, and if it is 50 kg + you have to pay 10 dollars per kg.

When will the train arrive from Dhaka to Kolkata?

The train will leave Dhaka Cantonment Station at 7:10 am and reach Kolkata at 7 pm, but sometimes it may be late and it may be 9 pm.

When will the train reach Kolkata from Kolkata?

Departs from Kolkata at 8:10 am and arrives in Dhaka a little before 6 pm if it is not late and if it is late it may be till 8/9 pm.

How long does it take to get to or from the train?

The total travel time is 11 hours, but in case of occasional delays, the height may not be more than 13 hours. Total Dhaka to Kolkata 400 km. The path is to go. And the speed of the train is 40/42 km. Per hour

Dhaka to Kolkata (By Bus)

In the case of buses, Shyamoli, BRTC Scania, Green Line, Desh Travels, Sohag, Souhardya, and Royal Coach will be able to travel from Dhaka to Kolkata by bus. The service of BRTC, Sohag, Shyamoli, and Green Line is good among these buses. However, only the Shyamoli Paribahan NR bus goes directly to Kolkata. If you want to go from Dhaka to Kolkata by all other transport buses, you have to come to Benapole, cross the border and reach the Indian part and take another bus. It takes about 4 hours to reach Kolkata via Petrapole.

Dhaka to Kolkata bus fare: Non-AC bus fare is 800-900 per person and AC bus fare is 1500-1900 Taka.

Dhaka to Kolkata (low-cost travel)

In case of low cost, you have to go to Kolkata without going directly. You have to come to Benapole first. In case of buses from Dhaka – Hanif, Sohag, Royal Coach, S Alam, Eagle, or Saudia’s AC or non AC buses can be taken from Dhaka to Benapole. Non AC bus fare from Dhaka to Benapole only is 500-550 Taka and AC bus fare is 1000-1300 Taka. However, if you want to go at a low cost, you have to reach Benapole from Dhaka by non-AC bus.

Arriving at Benapole, it will cost 20-30 Taka to go to Benapole Immigration from Benapole station. Then you have to cross the border at Benapole and go to Haridaspur Indian Immigration Department by auto for 30-40 Taka. Once the immigration is over, you have to go to Bangaon railway station at Rs. 25-30 per share in auto. Then buy a local train ticket from Bangaon station for 20-30 Taka per person and go to Sealdah station or from Bangaon to Dumdum station. The fare from Sealdah or Dum Dum station to Metro Rail Esplanade (Kolkata New Market Stoppage) or Park Street is Rs.

It will take about 2 hours to reach Kolkata by train from Bangaon. All in all, it will cost 700-850 Taka to travel from Dhaka to Kolkata at a low cost. Besides, if you want, you can go to Kolkata by non-AC / AC for 150-260 Taka without going by train after immigration. However, going by bus will take much more time than by train. From about 4 to 4.30 p.m.

Tips when going from Dhaka to Kolkata

  • You must take your passport with you when you buy a ticket from Dhaka to Kolkata by any means.
  • It is better to have a plane ticket two months in advance as it costs less.
  • In the case of planes, ticket prices are slightly lower on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays and higher on Sundays.
  • Maitri Express train tickets cannot be purchased from any station other than Kamalapur Railway Station and Chittagong Railway Station.
  • Train tickets can be booked at least 30 days in advance and tickets must be collected 10 to 12 days before departure to Kolkata.
  • The train from Bangaon to Kolkata is very crowded as it is a local train. If it is possible to avoid office hours, you will get less crowd.

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